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How is Your Wireless Security?

Tag Systems is the leading company for wireless security. With our design, manufacture and deployment of wireless security systems covering many applications in construction site security and building site security. Wireless alarms, wireless CCTV, wireless fire warning and evacuation systems, vehicle tracking and fleet management are all specialist areas in which Tag Systems, formerly Tag Guard, has been established as the European market leader for 15 years.

The company provides a complete security service to customers; from surveying and risk analysis to specifying the equipment solution. The installation and maintenance of the equipment together with monitoring and rapid response security service all combines to make the service delivery the most complete one-stop-shop service available.

For all temporary security needs Tag Systems offers the most effective solution in terms of flexibility, efficiency and cost. The solutions offered will use the most appropriate combination of  intruder detection, CCTV,  fire systems,  specialist cable theft detection all operating without the need for permanent power supplies and using wireless and mobile network connectivity.

Do you need wireless security? We offer temporary quick installation or long term around the clock monitoring and truly are a CCTV specialist. We monitor sites 24-7. The modern world is full of security threats to your site as well as well as escalating health and safety and fire prevention expectations. As a 21st century business you are expected to:

  • protect your workers from workplace hazards
  • have a comprehensive fire and evacuation policy in place
  • anticipate theft and robbery of internal office equipment as well as large plant machinery and materials
  • safeguard your stock and equipment from internal theft and abuse
  • work with the community to maintain a safe environment and uphold a strong reputation
  • keep track of stock, goods and equipment that goes off site with suitable tracking and administrative processes in place
  • Have your wireless security looked after by a CCTV specialist

Tag are specialists in wireless security that encompasses all of the above. Whether you are a new business wanting to start out on the strongest foot or an accomplished business wishing to boost your surveillance we can tailor a package to suit your needs.


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